Good things, bad things: understand the reality of impermanence

In January 2024, Khenpo Gelek Jinpa started a series of online teaching on the Dzogchen foundational practices, so called ngondro. For 9 consecutive Sundays, 6 – 7 PM “Shenten time” he is instructing both new and seasoned practitioners how to tame and purify the mind so that they can bring to fruition the main practice of Dzogchen and realize the true nature of existence. We are going to publish a few concepts from some of the sessions.

  • When we practice, lots of distractions come. That´s why self-commitment and self-discipline is so necessary. When we have them, joyful effort naturally comes, and our knowledge grows constantly.
  • When we conceptualize our experiences, we often feel confusion and lack of clarity. Contacts with the objects of five senses bring up our impurities. We liberate them directly in meditation but when we cannot do that then we can apply our analysis, out of the meditation. Take your time, instead of just running after your feelings. If we do not use our wisdom, we are being interrupted all the time.

  • Never feel alone. With the Guruyoga, you can feel the presence of your masters in the heart.

  • Remind yourself about the preciousness of the human life and its impermanence. To understand the impermanent nature of the reality is very important, for a practitioner. Bad things, good things, accept the life events as they come. Liberate all the disturbances that arise with the methods that you know.