We are creating a garland of 108 little drops of generosity for THIS – TISE Himalayan International School – the heart project of Khenpo Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche. We believe that many little contributions all together make a difference.

How can you help?

You can commit to send 31 EUR every month to the school. This means 1 EUR per day. Such an amount covers a daily cost for a child. A foundation based in Germany Yungdrung Bon Stiftung collects the contributions on their account. Here are the data you will need for a standing payment order:

IBAN: DE27300606010005127092
Beneficiary – name: Yungdrung Bon Stiftung
Beneficiary – address: Seeleiten 1, Seehausen, Germany

The school does not need only to feed and dress children. There is a necessity to raise salaries of the teachers at least to the average level in India and also finalize the construction of school´s premises – the second building – which is halfway through.

If you be want your name be included in our garland – please write to us.

Every day somebody has a birthday. It is used nowadays to ask friends not to spend money for a present but rather give them for a good cause. You can collect some money from your friends when it is your birthday – and help the school.

Recently, a practitioner of Yungdrung Bon informed us that she is intentioned to include the THIS school in her testament, what a good thought. Life is impermanent and not only elderly people should think about having their last will witten down. 🙂

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