Rimé Association for the Non-sectarian Practice, Promotion and Dissemination of the Dharma based in Bologna, Italy, is organizing an online presentation of the book “The magical journey to the path of enlightenment ” written by Khenpo Gelek Jinpa and Anne Brunila who will present the book.

“Magical Journey” tells about important and often life-changing events in  Khenpo Gelek´s life, his spiritual path and personal experiences as well as his travels in Tibet,  Nepal and western countries.  “I was stunned by Khenpo Gelek´s great openness with which he tells his story, including his hesitations, mistakes and disappointments,” Anne Brunila says. “I was not the only one who asked him to write a book about his life. He agreed finally to do it, and we started working on it in the spring of 2020, during the first lockdown.”

One hundred hours of recordings, 350 pages, two years of work. The book was released in the spring of 2023. “The hardest part was the transcription of the interviews, but the work on the whole was very rewarding. I learned a lot about Bon, the history of Tibet and Zhang Zhung and the monastic life. l  It was a profound teaching, at the same time,” Anne Brunila says.

“Through Khenpo Gelek´s  story one can learn so much about Bon and about the practice of Yungdrung Bon. Even people, who might pick the book just because they are interested in Tibet or Nepal, will learn about this precious tradition as a by-product,” she says.

Anne Brunila has been studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism for thirty years and since 2014 she has been a student of H.E. Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, Khenchen Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche and Khenpo Gelek Jinpa.

The presentation of the book by Anne Brunila will take place Tuesday 13 June 2023 at 18.00 on the Youtube channel and Facebook page of the Association.  

The next day we continued to the village of Barle with lama Namkha. I think he was the head of the village. He was already a little drunk when he brought us nice, strong horses and insisted we ride on horseback, because as a sign of respect, lamas should not walk. I was truly afraid that one of us would tumble to his death from the dangerous path… I would feel much safer continuing on foot.

From the book “The magical journey to the path of enlightenment “, p. 214

The book is available in various on-line shops, but if you buy it HERE, you will support Khenpo Gelek´s future project aimed at preserving the tradition of Yungdrung Bon. All proceeds from the sale on this platform go to him.

What is RIME?

“The name “Rimé” literally means “without parties”, therefore “non-sectarian”, “non-partisan”.

The Rimé Movement was born in Tibet in the 19th century and inspired a great spiritual renaissance, returning and referring to the original sources of Dharma Teaching with the aim of preserving, transmitting and teaching the multiformity of Lineages, all having the same spiritual basis, preserving variety, since different people have different mentalities and therefore need for a different approach and understanding. 

The Rimé Movement is founded on the unity of the different Dharma Transmissions and on the need to go beyond any sectarianism. 

It expresses the primacy of the contemplative experience and of the vision of unity in diversity that springs from it. 

(an excerpt from the website of the Associazione RIMÉ based in Bologna, Italy)


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From the book “The magical journey to the path of enlightenment “, the Chapter “The winds of karma blow to the West”