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Diagnose yourself and find a remedy: this is a stance of a meditator

In January 2024, Khenpo Gelek Jinpa started a series of online teaching on the Dzogchen foundational practices, so called ngondro. For 9 consecutive Sundays, 6 – 7 PM “Shenten time” he is instructing both new and seasoned practitioners how to tame and purify the mind so that they can bring to fruition the main practice of Dzogchen and realize the true nature of existence. We are going to publish a few concepts from some of the sessions.

  • Is there still almost no control over our mind, little peace of mind, after many years of practice? No need to be sad and discouraged about that. We simply acknowledge it and find a remedy.
  • We have to examine ourselves and our accomplishments, investigate our problems which obstructs our meditation and figure out how to overcome them. We have to be aware of what interrupts our state of meditation. This is an attitude of a practitioner.
  • Direct liberation of thoughts and emotions is the supreme method but if we cannot manage it we do not pretend that we can and we apply a gradual way.
  • Some people say: My actions come out harsh, but there is peace in my mind. My belief is that if we are peaceful inside our actions reflect it outside.
  • Mostly, we are all beginners and should consider ourselves as beginners. Only when we are stable in dzogchen meditation we can call ourselves accomplished practitioners. Until then, we have to follow our masters´ instructions wholeheartedly and with complete devotion. They went the path before us and completed it. Remember that Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche who achieved the rainbow body repeated the ninefold practice of ngondro several times.

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