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Help yourself to experience the fruit of your practice

January 14th, 2024, Khenpo Gelek Jinpa started a series of online teaching on the Dzogchen foundational practices, so called ngondro. For 9 consecutive Sundays, 6 – 7 PM “Shenten time” he is instructing both new and seasoned practitioners how to tame and purify the mind so that they can bring to fruition the main practice of Dzogchen and realize the true nature of existence. We are going to publish a few concepts from some of the sessions.

  • Many of us spend so much time practicing and still are very unstable in our practice; often, we cannot keep our mind still even for one minute. This prevents us from experiencing the fruits of our meditation. The probable reason is that the foundation of our meditation is not good. We need to practise ngondro, the preliminary practices.
  • Some people do not like to apply an effort which the foundational or preliminary practices require. They say: I prefer abiding in the natural state, that´s the best. The problem is that it is not possible without a good preparation. For the vast majority of practitioners – almost everyone – the gradual path is necessary and it starts from the foundational practices. We need to follow the instructions, not picking what we like or do not like, what seems easy to us.
  • Unconditional devotion to the teaching and its instructions is necessary as much as an excellent motivation which is to practice for the benefit of not only ourselves but all the sentient beings.

Join us for a unique series of online teachings every Sunday from January 14 to March 10 at 6pm. Sessions are recorded and you can step in also when the course already started. The teachings are based on the manual of Gyalwa Chagtri which is part of Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyud´s corpus of Dzogchen texts and was written by Dru Gyalwa Yungdrung, a renowned Dzogchen practitioner and scholar who lived in the 13th century.

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